Buying Crypto @ Monicko.com

When buying cryptocurrency on monicko.com , crypto will be sent to your wallet at the prevailing market rate as of the time your Naira transfer/deposit is confirmed in our bank account When making payment for crypto via bank transfer or cash deposit at bank NEVER write 'monicko' 'exchange' 'bitcoin' or any crypto related word in the transaction narration/description/note; doing this may lead to closure of your bank account and ours by the bank by order of the CBN. Peradventure you make the payment with a crypto related word no crypto will be sent to your wallet and you only be entitled to a refund in naira if our account is not closed by the bank after a period of one month Buying crypto with the cash deposit at bank option does not require KYC verification and is limited to 300,000 NGN for all accounts, Buying crypto with the bank transfer payment otion requires KYC verification and ia limited to 4,000,000 NGN per trade order for all KYC verified accountant.

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